Friday, August 22, 2014

Life during the break

I feel like it was yesterday when we went of on our vacation. :( Sure went by rather quick. 2 more days, and it is back to work. Preparing for the children this September. Another school year... what would it bring? :) I always hope and expect good things. :)

So what have I been doing these past few weeks? We went off to Balaton again for the weekend, and I spent a few days with BZ. We went to the movies - ended up being only the two of us only in the room, we went to an indoor park and spent a few hours there, and we went babysitting together too since some people asked for a last minute appointment or plan.

BZ enjoyed her break too I suppose. We've called up a piano teacher - Finally!! - and set up and appointment to meet and see if she likes the teacher and we will proceed from there. Well she's been going to singing and music theory classes and been practicing - the basics - on the piano by herself. I hope once she really starts, it will turn out to be a great hobby for her to do during her free time.

 I've yet to upload some pictures from our visit to the Family park in Austria and a few places during our outings. A bit busy too right now to be honest, need to prepare for lesson plans.

That is it for now. :) Till next time... toodles!!

Friday, August 08, 2014


I've enrolled myself  for the intermediate level Magyarora or Hungarian class.

My Hungarian is so so. When I'm nervous, which is always the case when I need to speak it,  my brain would go blank.  I'm still hopeful that someday I will be fluent.  :p

Classes twice a week from 6 -8pm. Will have to pick Bz and bring her with me and Mr. H will pick her up on his way back from work since it'll be on his way. 

Yes!! I will try my best!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Been a while since we came back from our week long vacation. I simply didn't have enough time nor the motivation to write about it here as soon as we got back home.

Sopron is a nice city. A quiet and clean city compared to Budapest. Too quiet to even call it a city in my opinion, but then, that's what people call it. A city.

After the hotel, we moved into an inn. A clean and modern room that comes complete with a small kitchen. All in all we only spent a couple of days in Sopron, tour in the forest, and walk around the city center to buy some souvenirs.

The 3rd day we went to Vienna and spent sometime at Schonbrunn palace. We took the "Grand tour" package which allowed us to see up to 40 rooms in the palace with recorded tour guide. No cameras are allowed here though.

The palace grounds are superb. It's free to enter and open to the public. It reminds me of the city park here in Budapest. So you can see moms pushing prams and sitting on park benches feeding their babies, joggers, old folks taking a stroll, etc. And of course lots of tourists like us. :D

The Zoo is just next to the palace so we went there right after the tour. Built in 1752, it is said to be the oldest Zoo in the world. It was awarded the best zoo in Europe in 2013 based on a study comparing 40 zoos in 16 countries. We were excited about the pandas and the koala since it was our first time seeing those animals live. I thought Budapest zoo was nice, but seems like the Vienna zoo is a bit more nicer. We could see the difference in the maintenance between the two places.

So that' s the summary of the few things we did. We went to a Family park in Austria. But that's a story for another post and another day.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy eid fitr.

Wishing all family and friends a Happy Eid Fitr. :)


We just came back from a week away in Sopron. It was a lovely city and we enjoyed our stay there. :) We love Vienna too. Hopefully pictures and post about our stay will follow soon.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Picture is a view from our inn..We arrived in Sopron yesterday afternoon. We were in another hotel when we first arrived but it was disappointing. The room  was warm and cramped and the bathroom stank that we had to leave the light on so the ventilator would operate to lessen the smell . For the money we paid, they couldn't even give soap???  So I called up the agent  and told them what happened. So we cut the stay short there and checked out today morning. We could change room right?? But no thanks. If they  can't be bothered to provide soap when we asked about it, they don't deserve our hard earned cash.

We booked another place after we cancelled the hotel . A studio apartment this time. It  is waaay cheaper (half the price of the hotel) and yet waaay more comfortable. Bigger room, air conditioned, new, cleaner and soap!!! Not that I am so particular about soap, but I thought it is basic.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Vienna if God willing. One reason why we wanted to check out Sopron because it is close to both Vienna and Bratislava.

Can't say I'm not excited. :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cat cafe

A mom once mentioned to me about a cat cafe here in Budapest,  and ever since then I wanted to take BZ there. Despite the fact that I am actually afraid of them. Just like hamsters, I like them but just too afraid to do much other than stroke their fur a little.

Anyway,  we went to one today.  There are two actually but chose the one down Damjanich street as it got better reviews about the cats.

They have 3 cats at moment - the youngest one a 3 month old Bengal called Imhotep, a 6 months old Maine coon called sushi and a British shorthair, Luna. Every time they come near,  I'd break in sweat. But I did manage to stroke them and play lasers with them. BZ loved them and didn't want to leave. We stayed there for about 2 hours - played and chatted with the owners - before we left for grocery shopping.

I was afraid but I enjoyed it. The cats were cute and funny. And I love seeing how Bz enjoyed it a lot.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Would you eat these??

Seen these boxes of bubble gums in one of the ABCs (a convenient store here in Hungary) when we were in Zirc last weekend. I was shocked, disgusted but mostly tickled by the idea of bubble gums in the form of animals' balls.

Especially if it is liquid filled extra sour flavour. *blegghh* >_<

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